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Bid Art

How to bid on - Hint: IT'S SIMPLE!


Everyone is a winner! If offer can’t be accepted, you’ll still get prompted with a decent discount plus the free shipping and checkout button. If accepted, you get to buy the piece as how much you offered and you’ll be prompted with the checkout button. Honest advice, checkout at the moment you get accepted because other collectors are guessing the right numbers!

Here are the easy steps sample: 


1. Click or tap "Make an offer" :

Art bidding

2. Now, place your desired amount and email address:

Art bidding

3. Result when accepted. Redirects you to checkout.

 bid art

4. Result when offer has been declined. Redirects you to checkout if you accept the discount offer.

art bid


Easy right? Now, what happens after? You will get an email about confirmation and package tracking number. Handle time is 1-2 days plus the delivery estimated time frame is between 3-7 days depending where the artwork is being exhibited. Yes! Again, ships worldwide via FedEx international priority secured, wrapped and boxed and some crated with panels for your piece/s protection. No hidden fees. No sweet talks. Just absolute easy and smooth art collecting. Try it today!