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Art: Original Art Get Loud By QueenNoble

Original art by QueenNoble "Get Loud" 2022

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Title: Get Loud 


Artist: QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez 


Year: 2022


Exhibited overseas ships worldwide 


Sculpture and Painting 2 in 1 


Contemporary abstract mixed media 


Dimensions: 2ft x 2ft / 24" W x 24" H x 2" 


Heavily textured and embossed 


Medium: Mixed Media on Museum Type Canvas/Acrylic Paint/Modeling Medium


Iridescent color changing when hit by light 


Textured and embossed 


Premium museum wrapped canvas 


A gallery and museum standard 


Durable frame made of quality solid wood 


With wooden back 


Ready to hang no string needed. You only need two nails or strong hooks ready on your wall. 


With signed and stamped certificate of authenticity 



Note: All artworks are original and without other reproduction in any form. All certificates are handwritten by the artist for authenticity purposes. Actual photos are included to have an accurate view of the piece without any alterations omitted. 



Inside the package:


The artwork/artworks and one envelope containing the certificate


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