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ART - Art Exhibition

ART | Wall Art



Events and Exhibitions 

May 25, 2006 | North Hollywood Los Angeles, USA
Art Fair
La Galeria de QueenNoble Solo Exhibition
History and Introduction of QN Fine Arts
November 12, 2008 | Marrakesh, Morocco
Travel Painting
QueenNoble Introduction and Exhibiton
Travel Painting Impromptu
December 24, 2009 | Paris, France
QueenNoble Exhibition and Christmas Celebration
Wine Tasting, Cheese and Fondue
Wall Sculpture with QN Exhibition and Celebration
November 24, 2010 | Roma, Italy
Travel Painting Session
QueenNoble Solo Exhibiton
Travel Painting Impomptu
September 14, 2011 | New York, New York
Midcentury Art with QN
QueenNoble Solo Exhibiton
All Midcentury Abstract Art
October 19, 2012 | Madrid, Spain
Fauvism and History
QueenNoble Solo Exhibiton
Contemporary and Modern Art