Vercmagnus Kaws Bearbrick Inspired Paintings

Vercmagnus Kaws Bearbrick Inspired Paintings

Vercmagnus Kaws Bearbrick Inspired Paintings

One of the favorite Kaws and Bearbrick vinyl toys of Vercmagnus are now painted by him as a tribute and inspiration. "I am a fan indeed. I love painting them and giving them these different scenarios and backgrounds. It's like a party" said, Vercmagnus.  

Vercmagnus Bearbrick Painting


Vercmagnus, also known as V. Estuardo, is an American artist who focuses on watercolor, acrylic paints, collages, photography & new media art as his mediums and styles. Vercmagnus is a traveler and an entrepreneur who loves to explore new things in different countries. Nature, fashion and technology influence his creative imagination. His artworks vary in genre. Abstract is his main subject in different forms including modern figurative pop art. Minimalism by collages using fabrics and other mediums and geometric characters are mostly seen in his art pieces. He has done solo exhibitions within the United States since year 2010. 

Vercmagnus Where To Go Painting Kaws Inspired

Vercmagnus Kaws Inspired Painting Called Where To Go 2023


Living Large By Vercmagnus 2023

Living Large By Vercmagnus 2023


Follow Vercmagnus on IG: @vercmagnus 

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