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Pottery Wall Art By QueenNoble

Dr. Elle Ramirez Ramirez also known as QueenNoble is an American international fine arts artist known for her textured and embossed abstract artworks. 

One of her artworks called "Pottery" has been a center of attention for its unique style. 

Matte feature, resembling a ceramic texture with rustic touch and fissured or cracking effects. Textured and embossed.This is "Pottery" a QueenNoble piece.

Pottery Wall Art By QueenNoble

The abstract wall art "Pottery" by QueenNoble depicts the life of an artisan depending on the pottery livelihood, the importance of pottery no matter how we live in this modern world and the retrieval of it in every interior design.

Accomplished year 2020 in Spain. It has been unavailable for sale for almost two years and now available for purchase according to the artist.