Painting The Art Of Expression - By QueenNoble - QueenNoble

Painting The Art Of Expression - By QueenNoble

Painting The Art Of Expression - By QueenNoble

When I was around 5, my mother used to tell me to express my emotions. I was a very silent kid. I cry alone in my bedroom when I get sad, make my own happiness at my favorite garden where my mom used to take care of her apple trees, had few friends as I wanted to distance myself from bullies and I more enjoyed the company of adults around me. My mom was always there when I needed someone. She was an obstetrician and mostly in her clinic but never failed to make time for me. I always bring her all those doodles, drawings and she tells me how imaginative I am and followed by the question, "Are you feeling better?". I had these answers that denoted joy and mixed emotions. 

I realized the beauty of expressions in arts even more during my high-school days. The colors, shapes, mediums are only second to me. But the meaning of every artwork is very significant to me up to this day. It does not matter what shape. It can only be a dot in the middle of a canvas. What matters is the feeling that has been transferred on that surface. What was going on in that head? How did that person feel before, during and after that activity, what is the story?

You see, making art is not just making one for a competition. It is an expression. Yes you can compete and do your paintings hard to achieve a crowd's expectation but if you are making art for the sake of really loving what you are doing, your passion, whenever there is a competition in a certain event or exhibition, there will be no rough feelings if one loses. When you are aware that every person has their own way of expressing themselves, the importance of an art and you know the meaning of an artwork in whatever form it may be, how the viewer sees and feels the connection behind an art, those things matter. 

The Interview:

What was your first experience with/discovery of art? What made you want to become an artist?
When I was a kid around five, I used to play with watercolors and chalks. Disney movies, cartoon channels and shows made me inspired due to all the colors and characters. I even sold a few handmade stationery in the classroom when I was in grade school (giggling). My mom used to tell me that my dad used to be a painter. I didn't believe it till I had seen a few of his works. And I said to myself, "Wow... I want to be like him".


I won't lie about my schedules. I have been learning on and off. I was sent to med school and didn't get much time. But I used to sneak in drawing pads and pencils in classes. One day I graduated and enrolled myself in a proper art school. Passion is passion. 


Are there any key themes, messages or theories behind your work?

I paint for the love of art meaning I have a cause. I paint my dreams and I paint my nightmares. I paint my imaginations. I paint what my thoughts can perceive but what not the human eyes can see. 



Could you tell us a bit about your artistic approach? 

I love to use all techniques and mediums as long as they bind and give the surface an ultimate transformation. Acrylic to oil paint, pastel to inks, modeling mediums are my favorite. And a lot more. 



"I love to create what the human eyes are incapable of seeing but what the mind can perceive. "- QueenNoble


Painting The Art Of Expression - By QueenNoble

Vulnerable By QueenNoble Year 2007


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