Collection: Featured Artist - VERCMAGNUS Collection

Featured Artist - VERCMAGNUS Collection

Vercmagnus, also known as V. Estuardo, is an American artist who focuses on watercolor, acrylic paints, collages, photography & new media art as his mediums and styles.
Vercmagnus is a traveler and an entrepreneur who loves to explore new things in different countries. Nature, fashion and technology influence his creative imagination.

His artworks vary in genre. Abstract is his main subject in different forms including modern figurative pop art. Minimalism by collages using fabrics and other mediums and geometric characters are mostly seen in his art pieces. He has done solo exhibitions within the United States since year 2010.

His artworks extend to fashionable apparels, home decors such as rugs and more.

Genre or Style :
Contemporary & 

Mediums :
Fabric collages
Acrylic paint
Mixed media or new media

Van Gogh, Jean‑Michel Basquiat, Takashi Murakami, John James Audubon, Thomas Moran

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