QueenNoble Exhibiting As A Solo International Artist & Advices

QueenNoble Exhibiting As A Solo International Artist & Advices

QueenNoble Exhibiting As A Solo International Artist & Advices

- By QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez

I realized the beauty of expressions in arts even more during my high-school days. The colors, shapes, mediums are only second to me. But the meaning of every artwork is very significant to me up to this day. It does not matter what shape. It can only be a dot in the middle of a canvas. What matters is the feeling that has been transferred on that surface. What was going on in that head? How did that person feel before, during and after that activity, what is the story?

You see, making art is not just making one for a competition. It is an expression. Yes you can compete and do your paintings hard to achieve a crowd's expectation but if you are making art for the sake of really loving what you are doing, your passion, whenever there is a competition in a certain event or exhibition, there will be no rough feelings if one loses. When you are aware that every person has their own way of expressing themselves, the importance of an art and you know the meaning of an artwork in whatever form it may be, how the viewer sees and feels the connection behind an art, those things matter. 

Doing exhibitions, creating events and traveling are challenging for every artist. One is to know where, second finances, who are involved, qualifications, criteria, etc. But do you know that even the nationality can be a bit tricky. Yes, you heard me right. But if you know where to handle yourself, you will find the right place. I was thrice asked, " Can you join us, oh wait sorry I remember you are an American it's only for..." and that was the first . That was in 2009. The second, " I hate to say this, our gallery is for... only and they may feel insecure." I was shocked, not because of the nationality thing but the word " Insecure". The third was almost the same question as the second. 

I have done several exhibitions in different countries and mostly are my solo events, workshops and exhibitions since 2007. And guess what, I made a lot of friends. For me art exhibitions are not just exhibitions, this kind of activity can make you meet people, strangers to friends and even turn to a small to big art family. Some people take this word too seriously. I am not saying art exhibitions are not serious, but hold on to that passion in art and mix it up with enjoyment. Have fun. Life itself is art. Making art is more than making an earning. We need to see beyond that. But I am not saying we do not need the money, surely we do. No materials, no art. But yes we can make art in other forms that do not require money. We have a broad world, different goals. Some, just like me, exhibit not just because of something material but also to gain wisdom from other artists, touch people's lives, continue cultural learning and more. 

My advice to other artists is to explore, join group exhibitions as much as you can, find reliable online galleries, and never stop or limit yourself. There is always a way even that means, you will need to do it alone. Whenever you can, hold your own events, workshops, invite people to your own solo exhibitions, travel to reach other countries and make deals with cafeterias, restaurants, if you are financially fine, rent a venue. And also yes, it is possible to have your own exhibitions with zero fees. Have connections, join some art fairs and other places you searched that are from zero to minimal payment entry fee. If not available to travel by land or sea or air, social media and online exhibitions will definitely do. To join a certain exhibition may require payment on the table. You may pay for the miscellaneous expenses that involve contributions to electricity etc. If your art gets sold, you get to keep your pay and also you need to pay commission a gallery or an agent requires. These are normal. This is not just about the exhibition, how many people you can reach. You are there to exhibit the meaning of your art to people and to reach everyone's soul, heart and mind. The art itself is the reward and representation of you. You are the captain of your own ship, explore every chance.


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